Vision AI & Edge AI in One Module Powered by Ambarella

Integrating Vision AI in camera applications can be a challenging and riskful endeavour. Ambarella Inc., the leading provider of powerful Computer Vision SoCs (System-on-Chip) is providing perfect-matching processors for Edge AI and Vision AI applications, however, access to these CV processors is difficult as direct Ambarella access and support is not available for the majority of small to mid-sized volume applications and customers.

To provide best-possible access to Ambarella’s technology, company Teknique, being a dedicated and exclusive Ambarella partner since 2009, offers a ready-made solution to overcome all mentioned hurdles with its own AmbarellaTM-powered OcleaTM ecosystem. This ecosystem encompasses small-sized PCBs (SOMs) with Ambarella SoCs (incl. flash storage and DRAM), suiting connectivity boards for I/Os, as well as, (for early use cases) fully working cameras ( = Janus & Zeus) with image sensor, optics and communication interfaces (wired or wireless) based on the different Ambarella CV SoCs such as CV2, CV22, CV25, or CV28M. CV5 and CV52 are in preparation.

  • Hardware: Small footprint/low power consumption System-on-Modules (SoMs) supporting AmbarellaTM SoCs, 32x32mm, or new: 25x25mm
  • Software: Easy to use vision toolkit based on GStreamer & Embedded Linux based SDK
  • Cloud: Specialized IoT edge-vision cloud globally hosted on AWS for continual AI network re-training and A/B testing, video streaming and recoding, as well as, firmware updates