Automotive is the leading industry in Europe. More than 30% of the car BOM is electronics – with strong growth rates due to electric drives 
and the goal of full autonomous driving. There are three main tasks, car electronics developers are faced today:

  • Autonomous driving
  • Electric cars
  • Car communication

These main applications fields and tasks can be sub-divided into eight separate sub-development categories:

  • Cameras (Image Sensors, Optics, Sensor Modules, IR/UV Lighting), Image Sensor Fusion with Radar
  • ADAS Hardware/Firmware/Software (Image and Object Recognition, Dynamic Overlay, Distance Measurement, 3D, Moving Object Detection)
  • Electric Drives and Steering/Breaking,  Motor Control, Battery Management, Charging
  • Software Security (Realtime OS Supervisior)
  • Car-to-X communication
  • Navigation (GPS, Electronic Maps)
  • Front-, Rear-and Interior Lighting with LEDs / IR + UV LEDs / LED drivers 
  • Driver Control (LCD screens, Gesture Control, Driver Communication, Driver Monitoring)

Due to ViMOS Technologies’ Japanese shareholders and suppliers, we can offer products and/or links to Asian automotive tier1s/2s which are deeply involved in these special topics offering basic knowhow and proven solutions. ViMOS provides hardware solutions and partial software/firmware portions to solve challenges in a timely manner and so to shorten time-to-market for European car electronics manufacturers.

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