Richtek Load
Transient Tool

The perfect tool to check your power design.

Richtek Load Transient Tool

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Power Components

The vast majority of our Richtek power components can be delivered within 4 weeks lead time. Discover our Power Component offering

Energy Harvesting

Components from for Solar Energy Harvesting, Thermal Energy Harvesting, Vibration Energy Harvesting and Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting


Discover the extremely Low-Power-Microcontroller from e-peas. The EDMS105N MCU from e-peas for a variety of smart applications.

Multimedia ICs

We got you covered with Multimedia ICs, Repeaters, ISPs, V-by-One HS and LVDS from SONIX, THine and LONTIUM. Contact us today to learn more.


Learn more about our various DVB, RF Devices and Positioning and Timing components from SONY, Trimble and JORJIN


We can provide you with Audio Amplifiers, CODECs, Converters, Enhancement and IDS ChipCorder from Richtek and NUVOTON


See the full range of Power Inductors, Magnetics, Power Transformers, EMC Coils and AEC-Q200 and Frequency Control Components


Discover our offerings for Memory components from SONY and Netsol such as various SRAMs and Memory Cards. Contact us today!

Magnetic Field Sensors

We offer Magnetic Sensors from Senis such as 3-Axis Hall Magnetic Sensors, Magnetic Angle Sensors and Current Sensors