Industry 4.0 will be the future backbone of efficient processes and smart flows in automated manufacturing and logistics. Every device, sensor, actuator can be accessed by an individual IP address and will be linked into proprietary or worldwide networks to allow for cloud-computing and finally for self- or deep learning. The physical layer can be wired or wireless to adapt the communication link to the needs of local networks. ZigBEE, Bluetooth, WiFi and other wireless communication standards are enabling every moving device to talk with each peer or master in the network. 

IoT (Internet of Things) is a much wider communication network than Industry 4.0. As Industry 4.0 devices should be only accessed by smart factory owners in a very proprietary and secure way, private IoT enabled devices can be theoretically accessed by every worldwide cloud computing service provider to guarantee self-learning and finally individual and automatic adaption to the user’s specific habits. 
The most beneficial segments with millions of connected nodes are wearables, medical devices, smart homes, building automation and public or individual transportation. Analog front-ends of the sensors/actuators need digital conversion, serialization and finally short- and long-distance bi-directional communication.

Wireless charging, ultra low power or energy-harvesting solutions will help to operate smart sensors/actuator 24 hours / 7 days. Therefore power efficiency is key. New power switching technologies of DC/DC and AC/DC converters help to keep the power loss to less than 2%. Ultra low power CMOS technologies help to keep the semiconductor as cool as possible and to minimize loss due to heating. Wake-up times and active modes/processes have to be kept as short and efficient as possible while sleep times or deep sleep periodes are maximized.

ViMOS Technologies offers a wide variety of different power components for different applications. In addition there are wireless modules with significant better radiation ranges and better power consumption than others.  

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