Consumers’ private and business life is becoming digital and smarter by using a variety of electronic devices. From Set-Top Boxes and TVs to game consoles and from smartphones to wearables. 
For the next couple of years the smartphone will be the dominating controlling device for our daily life. It will give consumers more control over their bank account, home entertainment, lighting, heating, medical services and security with permanent access via voice and gesture recognition with personalized user profiles.

Today, wearable technology is just starting with simple fitness bands and smart watches but smart glasses, smart rings and even smart cloths will revolutionize our daily habits and life. In this very diverse space, consumers are expecting ultra-low power devices running for months with almost no battery charging and better graphical visualization and user interface.

ViMOS Technologies offers a wide range products to help enabling low power and best user experience at consumer devices:

  • Non-Volatile memories
  • Small and low-power wireless modules
  • Highly-efficient power components
  • Wireless charging technology