SONiX – USB Camera Made Simple

When designing small size full HD cameras such as medical or industrial endoscopes, inspections- or viewing cameras linked to industrial PCs, SONiX is offering a simple solution in the form of the SN9C292B, a USB 2.0 ISP and camera controller IC.

The SN9C292B offers a MIPI and TTL-RGB image sensor interface for sensor sizes ranging from VGA up to 3MP (QXGA, 2048x1536px). Its superior image signal and color processing engine operates extremely efficient while offering advanced features, such as, Motion-JPEG (MJPG) & H.264 compression enabling 30 FPS on most image sensors from manufacturers such as OVT, Sony, and OnSemi.
Further, the SN9C292B supports USB Video Class (UVC), as well as, Audio Class 1.0 and an I2S input for stereo/mono microphone.

The embedded MCU with mask ROM & internal RAM controls 9 GPIOs, as well as, I2C. For storing customized codes, settings, and parameters, an external external serial flash is required.

Summing up: when your application needs a simple interface between image sensor and a PC system, the SN9C292B, manufactured by SONiX, is the perfect solution for you offering easy integration via USB.

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