Video Bridge – Powered by Lontium’s LT8912B

RGB, HDMI or LVDS have been the default display interfaces for a long time, however with the ever-growing importance of small to medium sized mobile devices and its displays, MIPI DSI, developed by members of the MIPI Alliance, has challenged the standing of these incumbent interfaces. The industry has slowly been shifting towards the adoption of MIPI because of its low energy consumption, large bandwidth, and high EMI resilience.

While MIPI DSI is perfect for small & mobile applications, the display manufacturers did not shift as fast to MIPI DSI support: most readily available displays used for industrial applications still use LVDS interfaces while HDMI is commonly found in infotainment screens (MMI, POS,…).

Since LVDS and HDMI have their own advantages over MIPI these interfaces should not be discarded lightly just because of the lack of direct compatibility!

To overcome this incompatibility, Lontium is offering the LT8912B, an industry proven and tested MIPI DSI to LVDS/HDMI converter. This small IC is the perfect solution for applications either needing to use a MIPI DSI output or a LVDS/HDMI display input.

LT8912B block diagram of features

It omits the need for costly redesigns of the source or replacement of the display unit to establish compatibility. This makes the LT8912B a convenient solution for applications where the source has been/will be upgraded to a new unit only supporting MIPI DSI while keeping the older display.

Another very fitting scenario for the use of Lontium’s LT8912B would be a completely new designed application in which the source is limited to MIPI DSI output because of a certain needed feature set. This constraint of using MIPI DSI is limiting the number of available display solutions greatly by omission of the whole LVDS/HDMI display market which usually offers far better price to performance value than MIPI-specific displays.

The LT8912B sounds like a feasible solution for your application?
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