Happy New Year!

ViMOS Technologies wishes everyone a great start of new year 2023. We hope everyone could enjoy the holidays and is eager to start the new year with a blast. Naturally, we are continuing to support YOUR projects in 2023 to our best efforts.

We are proud to announce that we just have signed a distribution contract with our long-term supplier WTL. This deepened partnership with WTL ensures that YOUR projects have a reliable source for all kinds of Quartz Crystals & Oszillators (Consumer & Automotive grade).

Not interested in crystals? Have a look our carfully curated potfolio innovative suppliers:

Power components

  • RICHTEK: power management ICs (PMIC) ➡️ RTQ7882-QT
  • DACO: IGBTs, SiC MOS-FETs and diodes
  • FORTIOR: motor control ICs for electric motors (brushless & brushed)
  • TDK-Lambda: DC-DC modules & power supplies
  • e-peas: energy harvesting ICs (solar, thermal, vibration/movement, RF)

Video & Communication

  • NEOWAY: wireless modules (5G, LTE/4G, NB-IoT/LTE-M) ➡️ N27
  • SONY: DVB receiver ICs
  • LONTIUM: video converter ICs (HDMI, DisplayPort, MIPI, LVDS) ➡️ LT8912B
  • SONIX: image sensor processors with USB interface ➡️ SN9C292B
  • CenturyArks: small-size camera modules

Memory products

  • NETSOL: MRAM (Magnetoresistive RAM)