Featured Richtek Low Quiescent Current Power Solutions: LDOs, Buck and Boost Converters

To squeeze more energy out of a small battery, using products with low quiescent current (Iq) is your best choice. At Richtek, we recognize the growing demand for portable and wearable devices. As a response, we have introduced a range of power solutions that feature ultra-low Iq, including LDOs, Buck converters, and Boost converters, with Iq values as low as 360nA. Our diverse product lines are well-suited for a wide range of applications, including TWS earphones, USB charging ports, gaming devices, and more.

 Featured Products
2.2V-5.5Vin, 0.525V-4Vout, 360nA Iq, 0.5A/1A HCOT nanoPower Buck Converter with 2 level various Vout programmed via VSEL pin, available in both tiny CSP and WDFN packages. 
1.8V-5.5Vin, default 5Vout, 4µA Iq, 2.45A(peak) switching current limit Boost Converter with up to 93% efficiency, designed to provide minimum Vout for the system using a single-cell Li-Ion battery even when Vbat is below system minimum.
1.2V-5.5Vin, 0.8V-3.45Vout, 2µA Iq, 300mA Low-Dropout Linear Regulator featuring 150mV dropout at 0.3A and Enable control.
1.2V-5.5Vin, 0.8V-3.3Vout, 2µA Iq, 600mA Low-Dropout Linear Regulator featuring 310mV dropout at 0.6A and Enable control.