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Welcome to ViMOS

ViMOS Technologies, headquartered in Munich/Germany, is specialized in electronic component solutions for the industrial, lighting, medical, automotive and computing market.

With our deep technical knowhow we offer and support selected passive to active components. All our sales and application staff are graduated electrical engineers thus enabling dedicated project solutions with short turn-around times and quick time-to-market. ViMOS’ slogan is self-explanatory: innovation, solution, distribution. We are focusing on distribution for innovative Asian and selected local suppliers providing better technical alternatives to established solutions combined with best cost/performance ratio combined with shorter lead times and better availability.

Dedicated to European markets and products’ life-time requirements, ViMOS focuses on high-quality and long-term availability components in industrial or automotive grade. Our commercially-graded semiconductor ICs can also help to reduce BOM cost and can make sense for dedicated consumer-like applications and end products.   

ViMOS Technologies is a fully franchised distributor for all listed suppliers.  

Our Linecard

Overview of ViMOS's Linecard and Partners

Available Components

From Component to System

Power Components

We specialize in PMICs, Low-Power, High-Power and Motor Control ICs from Richtek, Daco, and Fortior.

Energy Harvesting

Components from e-peas for Solar Energy Harvesting, Thermal Energy Harvesting, Vibration Energy Harvesting and Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting


Discover the extremely Low-Power-32bit-ARM-Microcontroller from e-peas - EDMS105N - for a wide variety of applications including Smart Home, Smart Building, Industrial Controls

Multimedia ICs

We got you covered with USB ISPs from Sonix and Video Interface Converter ICs (HDMI, LVDS, USB Type C, DP, MIPI) from Lontium


Learn more about our various DVB, RF Devices and Positioning and Timing components from SONY, Trimble and Neoway


We can provide you with Audio Amplifiers, CODECs, Converters, Enhancement and IDS ChipCorder from Richtek


See the full range of Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Power Transformers, EMC Coils and Frequency Control Components


Discover our offerings for Memory components from Netsol such as various SRAMs and the latest MRAMs

Magnetic Field Sensors

Magnetic Sensors such as 3-Axis Hall Magnetic Sensors, Magnetic Angle Sensors and Current Sensors

Our Markets

We provide solutions and components for a wide varity of different markets


Industry 4.0 will be the future backbone of efficient processes and smart flows in automated manufacturing and logistics.
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Consumers' private and business life is becoming digital and smarter by using a variety of electronic devices.
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Computing power is needed almost everywhere in our world but it's seamlessly hidden in smaller or bigger modules, boards or racks.
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Automotive is the leading industry in Europe. More than 30% of the car BOM is electronics .
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The smart phone is dominating our daily life thus communication infrastructure, whether wired or wireless or optical, needed and needs to be updated.
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