Lontium Semiconductor

Lontium Semiconductor Corporation (Heifei/China) announces their sales partnership with ViMOS Technologies GmbH (Taufkirchen/München) for the region of Europe. Lontium is a fabless chipmaker established in 2006 focusing on developing and marketing high-speed interface chips, ultra high-definition display drivers targeted for wide range high-definition multi-media applications. Today LONTIUM is the leading interface connectivity IC maker specialized on converting signals from one standard to the other.

The product portfolio includes HDMI V1.3/V1.4/2.0 chipsets, DisplayPort 1.2 chipsets, USB 2.0 extension, USB3.1 Type C chipsets, MIPI converters, VGA and LCD/TV controllers and drivers serving applications from PCs, notebooks, smartphones, TVs, monitors, automobiles to VR and accessories.