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Product information "RD0004"

Article in stock - one day delivery --> Contact us now!

The Richtek Load Transient Tool RD0004 is the perfect tool to quickly verify pulse load behaviour of voltage regulators and to check DC/DC converter stability, layout resonance, input supply ringing, etc. Seven different pulse load resistors can be selected via jumpers, and an adjustable power resistor is used for setting the static load level. 

Pulse load frequency and duty-cycle can be adjusted via push-buttons. RD0004 contains a micro controller that switches a MOSFET on and off with a certain duty-cycle. When connected to a voltage regulator output, the MOSFET switches a load resistor on and off, thereby creating a fast changing pulse load. The tool can generate very fast load steps (~500nsec rise/fall times), and can be applied to any voltage regulator output in your system. My measuring the regulator output voltage during the fast load step, the regulator control loop behaviour can be observed. 

The tool is battery powered which makes it easy to apply at any point in your application.


RD0004 Load Transient Tool features:

  • 7 selectable 1W pulse load resistors 0.5Ω ~ 22Ω
  • Adjustable 10Ω/10W resistor for static load
  • Adjustable duty-cycle from 0.1% ~ 50%
  • Adjustable frequency from 15Hz to 976Hz in 4 steps.
  • 500nsec pulse load rise/fall times
  • Highly suitable for testing DC/DC buck converters with 1~5V output and 1~5A load
  • Can also be used for testing LDO, boost, buck-boost converters.
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Product Details "RD0004"
Supplier: Richtek
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