Toroidal EPT Series

Supplier:ELYTONE|Type:Power Transformers|Magnetics Type:Line Power Transformers

  • Low magnetic noise
  • High efficiency
  • Excellent load regulation
  • Easy assembly
  • Very low no-load losses and magnetizing current
  • Half the size and weight
  • Various input options: 100V /110V /117V /120V /220V /230V /240V. 50/60Hz
  • Dielectric strength greater than 3KV, 1 minute between primary and secondary
  • Electric parameters tested 100% of production
  • Application power range 10VA to 750VA available according to customer’s requirement
  • Class B insulation system (optional)
  • Single primary winding standard, dual primaries optional


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Power Transformers

Magnetics Type

Line Power Transformers

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