SENA2Dx - FAMAS - Magnetic Angle Sensor

Measurement of the rotation angle of the in-plane components of a magnetic field

Preliminary Specification:

  • Angle and speed measurements at up to 400’000rpm
  • Direct angle information (no need for external ADC)
  • High resolution: better than 0.08°
  • Fast response: typically 0.6us
  • Magnetic field range: 20mT – 200mT
  • Built-in high-resolution temperature sensor
  • On-chip correction of sensitivity, offset, noise and drift
  • On-chip parameterization
  • SPI digital interface
  • UVW and A quad B interface with Index (ABZ)


  • Digital angular sensor, 0–360°
  • Absolute and Incremental angular encoder
  • Brushless motors
  • Motor feedback
  • Rotational speed control

Technical Details

Additional information


-40°C to +125°C

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