Richtek – RT8092 – BUCK CONVERTER

The RT8092 is a 3MHz, 2.5-5.5V input, 4A output Buck converter with 4 output banks: 0.3V-0.7V, 0.6V-1.4V, 1.2V-2.8V and 2.4V-5.5V (The Default Value is 2.8V (VSEL = High) and 1V (VSEL = Low)) It also supports DVS in the same bank. Featuring remote ground sensing for accurate output voltage, it has auto-PSM/PWM or Force-PWM for selections. It reaches 90% high efficiency at 5V input, 2.8V output and 1.5A load. In low power mode, the quiescent current is lower than 15µA. It supports output discharging when turning off and the integrated soft-start function. With complete protection functions, it is suitable for high performance portable devices.

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