The RT5112H is a smart PMIC which includes one 1.2A, 2.5V-5.5V input, 0.6V-3.3V output HCOT Buck converter, one 1A, 4.5V-5.5V output ACOT™ Boost converter and four 300mA, 0.6V-3.775V output, high PSRR LDOs in a WL-CSP-25B 2.2mmx2.3mm (BSC) package. Users can control the channel power sequence, output voltage level and DVS slew rate by setting registers via I2C interface for SSD, optical modules and camera modules.

Both Buck and Boost converters can operate in auto PFM and PWM modes. If there is no load at output, both converters will enter ultra-sonic mode to avoid acoustic noises. Only Boost converter has the operating mode for a NFC module to avoid any switching frequency situated at 847±106kHz during NFC module operation. 

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