Nuvoton Security Functions Strengthened

In addition to TrustZone® technology, the NuMicro® M2351 MCU series is also equipped with rich functions to improve system security. The Secure Bootloader supports trusted boot feature. The hardware crypto accelerators, including ECC, supports encryption and decryption operation to offload processor-computing power. The KPROM is a password protection mechanism allowing Flash memory write and erase. The XOM (Execute-Only-Memory) defines execute-only memory regions to protect critical program codes. The Flash lock bits are designed to disable external Flash read/ write and debug interface. Tamper detection pins can detect the state transition on the tamper pins.

What you will see in this video:

  • Crypto Accelerator
  • Secure Bootloader
  • KPROM 
  • XOM
  • Flash Lock Bits
  • Secure Debug
  • Tamper Detector


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