New: USB Type-C to USB3.1 Converter and USB Extension IC THCX423R10 for up to 10 Gbit/s

The THCX423R10 is a USB3.1 Gen1 compatible flipping IC with MUX, CC logic, which is required to convert a conventional USB connector to a Type-C connector. THCX423R10 features signal-conditioning functionality for 10 Gbps high-speed signals and multiplexer-demultiplexer function in one chip. One signal of either upper side or lower side of USB Type-C connector is selected by multiplexer-demultiplexer function while signal attenuation caused by signal transmission between USB host or USB device in the device incorporating USB and USB Type-CTM connector is corrected by signal conditioning-function.

As these two functions have been integrated in one chip, it provides advantages to system designers in terms of the number of components, mounting area, and cost. Moreover, this IC allows for significant USB distance extension.