New: Richtek RTQ2134-QA – Automotive 4 Phase 2/3 Output Buck Converter

The RTQ2134-QA is an AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified automotive PMIC that integrates 4 Buck converters in a WET-WQFN-30L 4.5×5(FC) package. The VIN range is from 3V to 6V, and VOUT range is from 0.3V to 1.85V. It can be configured as 2+2 or 2+1+1 output by OTP and has FMEA compliant pinout. It supports programmable functions via I2C interface including VOUT setting, slew rate of voltage change and soft start, etc. Auto mode with automatically phase adding/shedding enables high efficiency in light load condition. It also has watchdog function and complete protection functions.