New: Richtek RT9471H/HD RT9472/D – 3A Single Cell Switching Battery Charger

The RT9471H/HD and RT9472/D are 3A, 3.9V~13.5Vin single cell switching battery charger ICs with system power path management and USB-OTG. During charging mode, it has pre-charge mode, 0~3.15A CC mode, and 3.9V~4.7V CV mode. It implements JEITA protection to adjust charging parameters for input current limit via data lines or voltage level indication. Under OTG mode, it has 4.85V~5.3V output voltage limit regulation in 150mV steps, and 6.5V OVP. It has 6A maximum discharge current and the charging path can be entirely cut off for power saving. The I2C interface makes it a truly flexible solution.