【Nuvoton IoT Security】Constructing TrustZone applications has never been easier

In previous blog posts, we’ve introduced TrustZone® for Armv8-M security architecture and programming. In order to facilitate TrustZone® technology to construct a secure application, Nuvoton provides the “M2351 TrustZone Template Generator tool” to assist in the planning of security states and the establishment of secure firmware.



The “M2351 TrustZone Template Generator tool” can divide the memory and peripheral module resources of the microcontroller into the secure region and non-secure region. This tool provides the functions of setting the secure region and non-secure region size of ROM and SRAM, setting Non-secure callable area, setting XOM area, and generating secure region project template and a non-secure region project template.

In this video, we’ll demonstrate how to create a secure firmware and its corresponding non-secure firmware. Furthermore, the XOM (eXecute-Only-Memory) configuration, as well as the security attribute planning of peripherals will also be covered. With the simple steps, the TrustZone Template Generator tool will generate a template based on the user’s setting. This template could be directly compiled by Arm® Keil MDK or IAR EWARM for further TrustZone® security project development.