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CXD2858ER (-T2) CXD2858ER (-T2)
SONY, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), CXD2858ER (-T2), Helene, Satellite & Terrestrial Tuner, MOQ (pcs) loose/tape & reel 4000
SONY, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), CXD2871AER (-T2), Ascot3, Terrestrial Tuner, MOQ: tape & reel 4000 pcs
CXD2837ER (-T4) CXD2837ER (-T4)
SONY, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), CXD2837ER (-T4), na, DVB-T2 + DVB-C Demodulator IC, MOQ (pcs) loose/tape & reel 260 / 3000
CXD2854ER (-T4) CXD2854ER (-T4)
SONY, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), CXD2854ER (-T4), ARTEMIS, DVB-T2/T/C2/C/S2/S, ISDB-T/S, MOQ (pcs) loose/tape & reel 260 / 3000
CXD2856ER-T4 CXD2856ER-T4
SONY, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), CXD2856ER (-T4), Apollon, DVB-T2/T/C2/C/S2/S, ISDB-T/S, MOQ: tape & reel 3000 pcs
SONY, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), SMT-EW100, Wendy Mobile Tuner Model, Single Channel, MOQ: tape & reel 1000 pcs
SONY, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), SMT-EW300, Wendy Mobile Tuner Model, 2 Diversity, MOQ: tape & reel 1000 pcs
CXD2857ER-T4 CXD2857ER-T4
The Apollon+, CXD2857ER is the industry’s first demodulator LSI conforming ISDB-S3 digital broadcasting standard for advanced wideband satellites. The chip achieves stable and highly sensitive reception through incorporation Sony's proprietary reception algorithms and error correction technology. Apollon+ is designed to demodulate most of the international digital TV...
CXD2878ER-T4 CXD2878ER-T4
Sony, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), ISDB-T/S, DVB-T2/T/C2/C/S2/S, ATSC3.0 Demodulator IC. MOQ: tape & reel 3000 pcs
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