ViMOS Technologies präsentiert das weltweit erste Herzkurven-Referenzdesign von Richtek zur Entwicklung tragbarer Systeme, das RT1025 Cardioid PAD. Das PAD ist ein analoges Front End, das EKG (Electrokardiographie) und PPG (Photoplethysmographie) Signale zur Herzfrequenz-Überwachung und Messung misst.
Der programmierbare RTQ7880 Power-Management-Baustein von Richtek erfüllt heutige und zukünftige Anforderungen an USB Type-Automobil-Ladesysteme
RTQ7880 is an automotive grade USB Type-C PD Source solution with integrated Buck-Boost controller for delivering up to 100W for charging mobile phone, Tablet PC and Notebook PC in cars.
New AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualified RT2875 product family - highly flexible automotive DC/DC buck converters for a wide range of automotive applications Due to harsh automotive environment, car electronics components have to withstand higher voltages, larger transient loads, higher temperatures and higher ESD than commercial or industrial applications.
Inventive, comprehensive power management solutions for industrial, medical, and automotive systems
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