Webinar were e-Peas will present a new disruptive ultra thin Epishine's evaluation kit which makes a new statement in the world of IoT, energy harvesting, and green energy. Its three major components are:
Efinix®, an innovator in programmable product platforms and technology, today announced the tapeout of its Ti60 FPGA at TSMC’s 16 nm process node. The device is the first in the Trion® Titanium family and features the Quantum™ compute fabric for enhanced compute and acceleration capabilities. Titanium family devices offer 3x the operating frequency and occupy a quarter of the area when compared to the previous-generation Trion family devices.
LT8668SX can be configured to work under HDMI2.1 standard with maximum 8Gbps data rate to allow for the highest resolutions of 8K@60Hz with compression data or 8K@60Hz YUV 4:2:0 or 8K@30Hz. LT8668SX also can be configured to work under DP1.4 with up to 8.1Gbps data rate to allow for the highest resolutions of 8K@60Hz with compression data or 8K@30Hz YUV 4:2:2 or 8K@30Hz YUV 4:2:0.
The RTQ2134-QA is an AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified automotive PMIC that integrates 4 Buck converters in a WET-WQFN-30L 4.5x5(FC) package.
The RT5752A/B is a 2.5V~5.5Vin, 0.6Vref, 2A, 1.2MHz ACOT® Buck Converter in TSOT-23-5/6 packages.
The RT9471H/HD and RT9472/D are 3A, 3.9V~13.5Vin single cell switching battery charger ICs with system power path management and USB-OTG. During charging mode, it has pre-charge mode.
Trion Titanium FPGAs are fabricated on a 16 nm process node and feature Efinix’s Quantum™ compute fabric. Inspired by the Quantum fabric underlying Efinix’s first-generation Trion FPGAs, the Quantum compute fabric adds additional compute and routing capability into its enhanced eXchangeable logic and routing (XLR) cells. Enhanced compute, united with the 3X clock frequency boost afforded by the 16 nm process, make Trion Titanium FPGAs ideal for computational acceleration applications while the increased routing flexibility delivers unprecedented utilization ratios.
ViMOS Technologies GmbH, Taufkirchen, und Efinix Inc, Santa Clara, USA schließen einen Distributionsvertrag für den Vertrieb der FPGAs des US-amerikanischen Herstellers.
Efinix, 2012 gegründet, hat eine einzigartige, disruptive, flexible FPGA-Architektur entwickelt, die einen vierfach Power-Performance-Area-Vorteil gegenüber traditionellen FPGA Technologien bietet.
ViMOS Technologies GmbH, Taufkirchen, Germany, and Efinix Inc, Santa Clara, USA, conclude a distribution agreement for the sale of the US manufacturer's FPGAs.
Efinix, founded in 2012, has developed a unique, disruptive, flexible FPGA architecture that offers a fourfold power performance area advantage over traditional FPGA technologies.
Ansen offers new families of crystal oscillators with LVDS and LVPECL output and for HI-FI Audio applications. The crystals are now available in Europe from ViMOS Technologies.
The new families of LVDS and LVPECL complementary output crystals are designed for a wide range of connectivity and network applications as SONET/SDH, 1G/10G Ethernet, Fiber Channel, XDSL Wideband, WLAN AP and Ethernet.
Customization meets high performance in NEXCOM’s compactly designed ICES 675 computer-on-module (COM). With reliable Intel® Coffee Lake-H microarchitecture supporting a selection of three on-board, HD graphics enabled processors, the COM Express Type 6 is perfect for all of your high-resolution output and automation needs.
The NuMaker-IoT-M263A developing board is launched to speed up the product design cycle with the IoT software package provided by Nuvoton, connecting the cloud of Arm Pelion, Amazon AWS, and Ali-Cloud is easy to use.
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