Trion Titanium FPGAs are fabricated on a 16 nm process node and feature Efinix’s Quantum™ compute fabric. Inspired by the Quantum fabric underlying Efinix’s first-generation Trion FPGAs, the Quantum compute fabric adds additional compute and routing capability into its enhanced eXchangeable logic and routing (XLR) cells. Enhanced compute, united with the 3X clock frequency boost afforded by the 16 nm process, make Trion Titanium FPGAs ideal for computational acceleration applications while the increased routing flexibility delivers unprecedented utilization ratios.
ViMOS Technologies GmbH, Taufkirchen, und Efinix Inc, Santa Clara, USA schließen einen Distributionsvertrag für den Vertrieb der FPGAs des US-amerikanischen Herstellers.
Efinix, 2012 gegründet, hat eine einzigartige, disruptive, flexible FPGA-Architektur entwickelt, die einen vierfach Power-Performance-Area-Vorteil gegenüber traditionellen FPGA Technologien bietet.
ViMOS Technologies GmbH, Taufkirchen, Germany, and Efinix Inc, Santa Clara, USA, conclude a distribution agreement for the sale of the US manufacturer's FPGAs.
Efinix, founded in 2012, has developed a unique, disruptive, flexible FPGA architecture that offers a fourfold power performance area advantage over traditional FPGA technologies.
Ansen offers new families of crystal oscillators with LVDS and LVPECL output and for HI-FI Audio applications. The crystals are now available in Europe from ViMOS Technologies.
The new families of LVDS and LVPECL complementary output crystals are designed for a wide range of connectivity and network applications as SONET/SDH, 1G/10G Ethernet, Fiber Channel, XDSL Wideband, WLAN AP and Ethernet.
Customization meets high performance in NEXCOM’s compactly designed ICES 675 computer-on-module (COM). With reliable Intel® Coffee Lake-H microarchitecture supporting a selection of three on-board, HD graphics enabled processors, the COM Express Type 6 is perfect for all of your high-resolution output and automation needs.
The NuMaker-IoT-M263A developing board is launched to speed up the product design cycle with the IoT software package provided by Nuvoton, connecting the cloud of Arm Pelion, Amazon AWS, and Ali-Cloud is easy to use.
The WG3221-00 is a wireless local area network (WLAN) and Bluetooth (BT) combination module to support 1×1 IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN standards and BT5.0, enabling seamless integration of WLAN/BT and low-energy technology. This module is design based on Qualcomm QCA9377-3 single-die chip.
In the future, the convergence of automotive and electronics will create a new and complex automotive system. Cars will become computers on wheels. To power more electronic control systems, Richtek has tackled automotive power design challenges to meet the expectations of high quality, reliability and safety.
Jorjin, a leading wireless connectivity module manufacturer has announced the receiving of the Sigfox Verified certification for WS2116, Sigfox Monarch +BLE module. This unique Sigfox Monarch Module features an inter-continental tracking function for solutions such as asset trackers, pallet trackers, container trackers, trolley trackers, luggage trackers and many other devices such as wearables, security buttons, panic buttons, alert buttons and air quality sensors etc.
Nuvoton Technology Corporation launches a brand new low power, robust security M261/M262/M263 series microcontroller designed for IoT applications. It is based on Arm® Cortex®-M23 secure core for Armv8-M architecture, running up to 64 MHz with 512 KB Flash in dual bank mode supporting Over-The-Air (OTA) Firmware update and 96 KB SRAM. Nuvoton provides a rich product portfolio for new generation IoT applications.
Nuvoton Technology Announces M483KGCAE2A, Arm® Cortex®-M4F based Microcontroller, with dual ADC for Motor Control and camera interface for Image Recognition.
The RT9426 is a single-cell Li-ion/Li-Polymer battery fuel gauge, applying VGCS (Voltaic Gauge™ with Current Sensing) algorithm to determine the state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH), Full Charge Capacity (FCC), Time to Empty (TTE) and Cycle Count with an accuracy of ±1%.
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