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FOXvisor FOXvisor
FOXvisor; Pure bare-metal Hypervisor (Type I) architecture for IoT Devices; Highly Secure and Effective; Designed for embedded systems; Lightweight,less than 1% CPU overhead; Small, 32 Kbytes of Footprint design; Fast Benchmark, achieved up to 99% performance with LMBench; Flexible Platform for ARM®/Intel/MIPS etc. single and multi cores; For Rich OS , RTOS combinations; of...
Voice & Vision Artificial Intelligence Voice & Vision Artificial Intelligence
VAI (voice & Vision Artificial Intelligence) solution for IoT systems; Interactive platform for automotive, home, and factory automation; Use cases are ADAS, autonomous driving, speech recognition synthesis and task agent, emotional awareness; Combining voice and video recognition with Artificial Intelligence (AI).; Developed and optimized for embedded systems to enable AI...
Image Recognition Software Solutions Image Recognition Software Solutions
Image Recognition Software Solutions; High Speed Detection of Pedestrians, Vehicles, Traffic Signs, etc.; Minimizing increase of processing time due to increase of target objects; World-Leading Detection Performance; Detection of various objects simultaneously.; Deep Learning Level Detection Performance; Wide Range of Applications; Applicable for various processor platforms...
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